Monday, August 3, 2009

Blackpepper Beef - Malaysian style


2 tblspn vegetable oil
2 shallots - grind
2 peeps garlic - grind
1cm ginger grind
1 bowl thinly sliced (1cm x 2cm) beef
1 tblspn flour - add water to make 1/2 cup
1 tblspn oyster sauce
2 tblspn black soy sauce
1 tblspn pounded blackpepper
1/2 bowl of chopped (2 cm) scallions
1 tomato - cut 5-6
1 onion - slice roundly
1 red chilli - slice long


Heat oil in a pan. Fry the grounded spices till fume. Add in beef. Stir fry until beef slightly dry. Add in flour mixture. Stir again. Add in oyster sauce, soy sauce and blackpepper. Cook till boiled. When it's almost done, add in scallions, tomato, onion and chilli. Stir for a while so that scallions will still be crunchy when serve.


Abang Long said...

Neeza sudah masak semua resepi ini kah ?

Neeza Shahril said...

Abang Long,

resepi yang Neeza letak dalam ni semuanya yang Neeza dah masak sendiri. sebab tu lah kadang2 lama tak update.. sebab asyik masak benda yang sama hahaha!!

A T A C H A said...

thanks neeza...mesti sedap..i selama nie masak pakai blackpepper yg segera je (jenama maggie)..insyAllah i will try it..thanks for sharing...

~cinonet~ said...

Slm akak. wow! sgt pandai memasak. sy curik ea ckit?ehee~!..thanxs sys. sy pon tak reti memasak tp dah kahwin harus pandai memasak kan..for making our family happy n satisfied wit 'air tgn' wifey. ngehee~